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Wooldale Junior School | Royds Avenue, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire HD9 1LJ

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Inspiring - Educating - Developing

Year 5

Class 5P & Class 5S 

Welcome to Year 5!!!

Our teachers are Mr Palk and Mrs Starrett.

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Our current topic is....     The Rainforest


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We will be adding lots of photos, information and pieces of work to this page as time goes on. Please check back soon.

Book Review    22.06.18

 To end our Vikings topic we have written book reviews of "How to Train Your Dragon" by Cressida Cowell. It has been challenging.... lots of new words for us to learn... but it has also been lots of fun. We have loved the characters and we have laughed at their antics. Some of us have had our own "Hairy Hooligan" moments too!!



Sutton Hoo Science    21.06.18

As part of our Vikings topic we have been learning about the archaeological discoveries made at Sutton Hoo. We have been learning about the techniques used by archaeologists to identify some of the items found in order to learn more about the Vikings. We have collected samples of hair (human, dog, cat, horse, badger, guinea pig, otter, etc.) and studied them under a microscope. We described their characteristics and compared them to each other and to a sample from the Sutton Hoo site. We discovered that the Sutton Hoo sample was otter fur which the Vikings sometimes used to line their helmets.



Berk-spiration!!   14.05.18

We have been practising our reading comprehension skills and inventing and describing our own dragons so that we can create "Top Trumps" style cards for them. We have also written our own versions of parts of the story and created our own map of the Isle of Berk...



It's warmer than the Isle of Berk!!   11.05.18

"How to Train Your Dragon" is our class reader to go with our new topic of Vikings and Anglo Saxons. We have been getting really stuck into it but managing to enjoy the sunshine too by reading outdoors. There are quite a few tricky words but we are expanding our vocabulary and learning their meanings. It's also quite humorous so if you hear lots of laughing when you walk past our door you'll know why! 



World Book Day Revisited   27.03.18

Year 5 rose to the challenge magnificently and arrived at school dressed as a myriad of characters from our favourite books. Are they villains or heroes??? You'll have to read the books to find out...



Science Week   12 - 16.03.18

Our Science Week investigations were linked to our topic of Space and in particular to Newtons third law of motion and thrust (used to propel space rockets). We learned about the aeolipile - a simple steam turbine invented by Hero of Alexandria more than 2,000 years ago, way back in Roman times and then we created our own using a pop can. We changed the size and position of the holes in our cans to see if it had any effect on the amount of thrust the can produced when filled with water.

We also worked in groups to design and make some vehicles to protect our "Eggnauts" when they return to Earth from Space. Once we had built them we tested them with some real Eggnauts... things got a little messy!!!



5P Rock the Residential    12.03.18

Three fun-packed days filled with challenges. There was unexpected snow, climbing, crate stacking, pond dipping through the ice, team building, the two bite biscuit challenge. 5P conquered it all one challenge at a time. Respect is due to you all. Well done 5P. Hope you have rested and recovered... back to school work!!! 



Capers at Cliffe House (5S)  6.03.18

Some were excited, some were nervous, some were anxious, some were pretending they weren't, all brought their teddies...... and all survived their first night!!!! They have done team building activities (yesterday) and pond dipping and climbing at Rokt today. They are eating loads.... and loads. They have had a quick go on the adventure playground but are looking forward to a good go on it tonight. Tomorrow is Bushcraft (Yay! Marshmallow toasting!) and then home (they are already getting sad about that bit, but I think they will be pleased to get back to their own beds. Mrs Bale and Mrs Starrett definitely will!!).



Our very own Van Goghs!!!   13.02.18

More space themed art work but this time in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. We used the dotty, dashy technique seen in his "Starry Night" painting to create our own pictures. They look BRILLIANT!



5P's space homework really takes the biscuit!!!      12.02.18

We have been very impressed by the fantastic homework that everyone has produced recently. There has been everything from cakes to Top Trumps. You really have been very inventive and creative. Keep up the amazing work 5P!



Out of this world art work!!        18.01.18

We took our artistic skills into outer space this week when we created the cosmos in paint. We collected data about our solar system and used it to inform our artistic choices. It started our space topic with a Big Bang!!!! Check back later to see the finished pieces.



A Costume Drama     7.12.17

Today has been Victorian Day in Year 5. We dressed in Victorian style clothing Victorian classroom complete with Victorian lessons. Mrs Starrett even had a cane so we had to be on our best behaviour!

We also had a visit from actor Alex Fellowes who led us in a drama workshop based on Charles Dicken's Nicholas Nickleby. We learned a lot about Victorian life and had a lot of fun.


Polygons and Quadrilaterals    10.11.17

Over the last couple of weeks we have been learning about angles - acute, obtuse or reflex, and shapes - regular or irregular polygons and quadrilaterals. We have sorted them into Venn and Carroll diagrams depending on their properties - whether they have equal sides and/or equal angles. We also carried out a geometry investigation from Cambridge University. We are now Maths Ninjas!!!



Dark, satanic mills... in the style of L.S. Lowry

In art we have recreated the work of L.S. Lowry. We have created some Victorian mill scenes using a watercolour wash for the background and pencil drawings to add detail...




School Council Elections

We have been choosing who we want to represent us on the school council. In 5S we had eleven keen candidates but we could only choose one boy and one girl so we had to listen carefully to all their speeches and try to pick who we thought would do the best job.



Victorian Research is underway       18.09.17 

 We have already got stuck in to researching our topic "The Victorians".... There's so much to learn! So far we have started reading "Street Child" by Berlie Doherty, we have learned about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Dr Barnardo. We have used books, paintings, photographs and video clips. We have also started painting some Victorian street scenes. Check back soon to find out more.