Building a Brighter Future Together

Building a Brighter Future Together

Reception - Blossom

Welcome to Reception

Blossom Class

Teachers:- Miss S Hepworth

Introduction to Reception

Please watch our Wonderful Video, you will see what New Mill Infant School can offer your child if you wish them to start with us in our Reception Class.

Maths Week   9.10.20

We have combined Maths Week with finding out about Divali. We were set a challenge to discover what maths we could do with a large tube of Jellytots so we made symmetrical rangoli patterns out of them. We also made more symmetrical rangoli patterns with pasta and practiced our measuring by making lassi.



Welcome to Robin Class   8.10.20

All the Robins have been doing an amazing job at getting used to "big school". They have been exploring and making full use of all the areas of our classroom, both indoor and out. Well done Robins!

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