Building a Brighter Future Together

Building a Brighter Future Together

Our Governing Body

The governing body of New Mill Schools is currently made up of 10 members drawn from different parts of the school and local community.

Currently there is one local authority governor, two co-opted staff governors, one parent governor and four co-opted governors representative of the school and community. In addition we currently have an associate governor.

The full governing body meet four times a year. The School Improvement and the Resources Committees meet half termly or more regularly depending on the needs of the school.


Contact our Governors.

If you wish to contact our Chair of Governors - Dawn Whiteley - please leave a message with either of the school offices via the appropriate phone or email address found on our Contact page.


 Current Governors


Name Role Appointed By From To
Dawn Whiteley LA Governor - Chair Governing Body 25/05/18 24/05/22
Leigh Fleming Co-opted Community - Vice Governing Body 02/10/19 02/10/20
Veronica Baldwin Co-opted Community Governing Body 01/09/19 31/08/23
Sean Robertshaw Co-opted Community Governing Body 02/08/16 01/08/20
Emma Pescod Co-opted Community Governing Body 22/01/19 21/01/23
Louise Coffey Parent Governing Body 03/10/19 02/10/22
Evelyne Barrow Head Teacher By virtue of office as  headteacher. 01/01/20 Not recorded
Ann Barnes Associate Member Governing Body 25/01/18 24/01/22
Louise Armitage Co-opted Staff School Staff 01/03/17 28/02/21
Gillian Holden Co-opted Staff Governing Body 18/01/17 17/01/21



Historic Governors (Left withing the last 12 months)


Name Role Appointed by From To
Maggie White Co-opted Staff Governing Body 02/04/19 20/12/19
Rebecca Starrett Co-opted Staff School Staff 25/11/18 20/12/19
Richard Brear Co-opted Community Governing Body 27/09/19 20/12/19
Su Aaron-Abel Headteacher By virtue of office as  headteacher. 03/05/19 31/12/19

Please click here for the Attendance Register for full Governing Body meetings


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