Building a Brighter Future Together

Building a Brighter Future Together

Admission Arrangements

Learning Accord Multi Academy Trust is the admissions authority for New Mill Schools and determines the Admissions Policy for New Mill Infant and Junior Schools. To view our Draft Admissions Policy please click here.

Applications for admission to either school should be made between September 2020 and the closing date of 15th January 2021. Applications for admission to either schools should be made using the Kirklees online application service. Kirklees Council administer the process of school place allocation and will only accept an online application. Click on the link below to go to their website.

 Kirklees Council School Admissions

Important - Is your child in Year 2?

  • A place in Year 2 at New Mill Infant School does not automatically give you a place in Year 3 at New Mill Junior School because they are separate schools.
  • Children who attend Year 2 at NMI do not receive a guaranteed place or higher priority for places at NMJ.
  • You must make a separate application for a place in Year 3 at New Mill Juniors

You can find out about Kirklees admission policies and arrangements by looking on their website. Click on the link below.

Kirklees Primary Admission Policy

Further useful documents can be found below.

 Kirklees Primary Admissions Guide 2020.pdfDownload
 Requesting Education Out of Normal Age Group.pdfDownload
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