Building a Brighter Future Together

Building a Brighter Future Together

Internet Safety

Safer Internet Day 2020

11th February was Safer Internet Day. Each class appointed a Digital Leader to support them with ICT issues. The Digital Leaders ran a "Design Your Own Avatar" competition and an assembly in school. See our Safer Internet Day Certificate below...


Technology, Internet & Media Advice for Parents

The internet, and media in general, can be fantastic for encouraging learning and having fun however there are also many dangers attached to their use.

At New Mill Schools children take part in internet safety lessons and Safer Internet Day activities to help them learn about how to keep themselves safe online.

Click here for a leaflet about online safety tips for 6-10 year olds.

Below are a list of highly useful resources which provide advice and support to keep your child safe online. 


An excellent website which provides guides to types of technology, information on issues, safety tools and parental controls.

Another excellent website with lots of information on issues, advice by age range, how to set controls and a brilliant range of guides, resources and leaflets.
This is the site to go to if you want to report online abuse. It also has links to animations and games to use with your child to help them learn about online safety.


Social Media

Most social media platforms have a minimum age restriction of at least 13 years of age, some have a higher restriction. For that reason we believe that children attending New Mill Schools should not be using any social media. Here is a useful reminder of those age restrictions. 


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