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World Book Day 2019 - The Travelling Book


This book was begun by one class and travelled around the school from class to class, with each class adding a piece to the story, until the story was complete. We hope you enjoy it... 



In a cottage, in the middle of the dark, forbidden woods lived two children (Gabbi and Alex).  They loved reading books. Their dream was to meet all the characters from their favourite stories.

One day their wish came true.  They were reading their books when out of nowhere a cold, strong hand seized them and they were violently shoved into a swirling multi-coloured vortex.

Suddenly, Fantastic Mr Fox came cartwheeling out of his fox hole following the Gigantinormous Christmasaurus.

They realised that they had fallen into their story book, or had they? (Written by 5I).


From nowhere, a freakishly purple figure appeared – still chewing gum! It was the gum chewing, boastful, blueberry looking Violet Beauregarde!

Without warning, a giant flash of light shot across the murky grey sky, making Gabbi and Alex shake with fear! The reason for this flash of light was none other than Zeus, the Greek God of the skies, throwing down a huge, luminous thunderbolt!   (Written by 4LB).


The two children, shaking their heads, tried to gather their thoughts. Staring around cautiously, they noticed numerous characters from a variety of books were walking around them.

Gabbi and Alex looked up and saw a book had opened above their heads, floating like a fluffy cloud. All of a sudden, another had opened up, and another, and another, and another.

Just then, Bad Dad circled around them; creating a puff of smoke-like dust. The Naughtiest Girl tripped the children up and their bottoms bumped onto the cold, moist ground. The two jumped up and swung round in fear but were struck to see Mrs Trunchbull storming towards them, with her hair in a tight bun and her whip in mid-air.

“What do you think you’re doing, standing around doing nothing?” Screamed the vicious teacher, “Answer my question!”

“Grab our hands!” Suggested a pair of boys dressed in robes, as they swooped Gabbi and Alex on to the back of their broomsticks.  (Written by 4M).


As the misty, ice-cold air filled their nostrils, they stared down in disbelief. Far, far below them they could make out the silhouette of a small girl running as fast as she could. Behind her, were the most enormous, terrifying, portly giants they had ever seen. The one closest to her had the ugliest face - with a large crooked nose – which seemed to be sniffing out the scent of the girl.

Not too far behind was the smallest of the giants, with gigantic ears and a long black cloak billowing in the wind as he chased the other giants. He was shouting something towards the girl but, as Gabbi leaned forward to hear better, the broomstick took a sharp turn and started to dive as fast as lightening towards the ground.   (Written by 3WB).


As the ground became ever closer, a mighty hole began to appear before them. The earth began to part. The wild wind howled around their terrified faces as their bodies shook with fear!

“What’s happening to us?” screamed Alex. Suddenly everything went calm, the wind dropped and the broomstick came to a shuddering halt.

The children rubbed their bleary eyes and gazed in amazement all around.

“Where are we?” they murmured to each other. “Who’s that?".    (Written by 3HB).


An enormous, red, fire-breathing dragon with razor-sharp claws peered down at them. “There you are ….at last.” Roared the dragon, “I’ve been waiting for you all day!”

Gabby and Alex looked at each other in shock. Alex asked in a petrified, squeaky voice, “Why are we here?”   The dragon huffs and puffs then says,

“Gabby! Alex! What time do you call this?”

It was the stern (and really rather annoyed) voice of their mother, cutting through their daydreams and reluctantly dragging them back to reality: away from the magic and mystery, danger and daring of the pages that had entranced them until way-past their bed-time.

Rubbing their eyes, weary with the pages and chapters that had enchanted them (hours had flown by but had seemed like only minutes), they had to finally close their books shut and hand them over to their mother.

After gently kissing them both goodnight, turning off the bedside lamps and tucking them into their warm cosy beds, she carefully returned the well-loved books onto their crammed bookcase and left the room silently, leaving only a golden sliver of light shining through the door crack.

Whispering across to the dark lump in the opposite bed that was her brother, Gabbi hesitantly asked him, “But they were so real, the creatures, the characters, the monsters, the magic, the adventure we read in those books, were they all just alive in our imagination?”

With a slightly unsure, hesitant tone in his voice, her brother replied, “Must have been Gabbi, must have been. Perhaps we just love reading so much the words come alive to us more than others.”

Gabbi didn’t reply, just sighed deeply and rolled over and felt herself drift off into sleep, happily remembering all the exciting things she had read about that day. Just as she finally fell fast asleep, she smiled at the sound of her brother’s gentle snoring from the next bed.   (Written by 6D).


Owls hooted, the moon popped out from the cloud-scudded sky and all was silent, all was still, not a sound could be heard in the house. As the seconds, minutes and hours passed over, through midnight and on into the wee small hours, an air of peace fell over the house, the woods, the valley.



Until the magic happened.

It happened so gently and quietly that you would only have noticed things change if you were the type of person that had magic in you, or the love of reading and words and books and poems and letters and newspapers and print. If you had imagination alive in your heart and your soul.

And Alex and Gabbi did, boy they did!

Out of drawers and cupboards, crawling out of socks and pillowcases, streaming and floating out of the pages of books and letters and poster and pamphlets, they came.

Some came roaring fire and flapping wings; one smiling giant tiptoed over with his huge flapping ears; bears in wellingtons; orange, tiny Oompa Loompas; witches and angels and heroes and villains. All swirled and floated and hung over the two children’s heads.

And in their sleep, safe and tucked up in bed, the two children smiled because they knew that to meet them all again tomorrow, all they had to do was open the pages of the books on their bookshelf.   (Written by 6SS).


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin